Wineseer National Roadshow, founded by Shenzhen Pacco Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., is widely regarded as an alcohol marketing and brand promotion project with premium quality, professional operation, precise promotion and efficient services. The project made its debut in 2016 for the promotion of G100 International Wine & Spirtis Awards awarded wines, and later developed as a large-scale professional roadshows facing global premium brands and enterprises, which has now penetrated 100+ economically-developed cities, held 600+ tastings and masterclasses, served 8,000+ suppliers, and reached nearly 100,000 alcohol industry distributors, highly acclaimed by industry practitioners!

To better services for upstream exhibitors and downstream distributors, as well as create utmost values for our clients, Pacco fully exerts the online functions of Wineseer platform, and creatively puts forward double-line marketing focusing on 50+ economically cities nationwide and based on 365-day continuous show, which has become the referable Pacco Mode for roadshow projects leading the industry’s development.

Wineseer National Roadshow which keeps pace with times, dedicated to penetrating 50+ economically-developed cities yearly, serving 50,000+ premium distributors, has become one of the wine exhibition projects with strong industry appeal nationwide, chosen by numbers of upstream and downstream clients for expanding channels and docking business.

Wineseer National Roadshow sincerely invites you to join!